February 3, 2016

Taking "Torah Time" in a New Direction

This blog has been a disappointment for us.  

We begin each Torah cycle with the idea of picking up the broken strands of previous Torah studies and completing the whole of it.  

We never get past the first Book - Beresheet.  

On the other hand, I have many Torah thoughts, musings and questions that I would like to write about and no where to write them.  DannyLee has his blog for his writings, though he struggles to write anything about Torah in the last couple of years.  Our loneliness and isolation has been hard on our spirits.  

It is my thought to put some of my Torah writings here for now.  I will begin where I am.

Here we have the Eleven Commandments?

I don't remember how long I'd been going through the Torah cycles when I learned that the Ten Commandments I'd dutifully memorized as a child were not taught the same way as the Ten Words given at Mount Sinai to the Children of Y'srael.  

Some might think this is simply a meaningless difference as they see no meaning to having the Ten Commandments begin with a simple statement of declaration.  I found the matter interesting, but since I was sure that I was hearing the Voice from the Mountain, I didn't put much more thought into it.      
The Catholic version

A couple of years ago, I printed out the images of the Hebrew Ten Words with both the Hebrew and the English text.  I posted them on all of our doorposts and the mirrors so they would always be before us as we moved about the house.  

It didn't take long for them to become a part of the landscape of our daily lives.  

A friend recently put out his Torah commentary with the premise that all of the commandments given in the Torah and the Brit Ha'dashah could be related back to one of the original Ten Words given on Mount Sinai by Yeshua to Moshe.  

I considered the matter for a couple of days as I ran through the commandments I was most familiar with starting with the least commandment and working through some of the stranger ones.  

There's plenty of "food for thought" in this matter.  

more later...........

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